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About Kolambas

Kolambas was founded in 2014 with the dream in our eyes to deliver the magnificence of handicrafts and a collection of souvenirs at your doorstep. Just like Christopher Columbus, who travelled the world to explore more, we at Kolambas travel to get you the best handicrafts from every part of India.

At Kolambas, we tirelessly try to bridge the gap between artisans in the rural areas and the thriving modern-day men/women of the cities. Our mission is to provide you with glorious handicrafts which can be used as home décor and utility products so as to enrich your life. In the olden days, when internet had not yet graced our lives with its presence, the ones who had a taste for craftwork and souvenirs had to travel a great distance to procure them and satisfy their urges. At Kolambas, we thrive to create a collective umbrella under which we have craftworks from all over India and souvenir from all over the world.

We give these artisans the inspiration and motivation to work their hardest by giving them an international platform to showcase their work, and also by paying them for it. We provide them a competition which greases their imagination to flourish through their craftworks. Different art forms of craftwork are available at our site, like Blue Pottery, Dhokra Art, Gorara Stone, Paper Maiche Art, Meenakari work, Wrought Iron, Marble art, Aluminium art, Brass work and many more. We can assure you that the quality of our products is excellent. Mostly all the products are handcrafted and hand-painted. They are unique in their own sense and entity. Kolambas is on its journey to createa hub for all the artisans to exist together and produce their best work.

The souvenirs are a sight to behold with 24 karat gold plating, crystals, etc. Some are made of marble and metal which ensures that you will have a wide variety of souvenirs to choose from. Kolambas is a dome under which the majestic marble and gold-plated souvenirs, and the wondrous, indigenous handicrafts co-exist, giving you the opportunity to have the world in your hands.