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Blue Pottery White Flower Printed Serving Plate

Dimension: 20.00cm x 20.00cm x 4.00cm
Art Type Blue Pottery Art
Material Blue Pottery
Pack Content 1 Plate
Delivery Time 5

The Chinese glazing technique and Persian art was fused to create the Blue Pottery technique which has been used to make this exquisite, one-of-a-type serving plate. The color of the sky has been used to color the flowery art done on the glossy finishing of the plate. The blue and white brings serenity and calmness in the surroundings. The plate looks like the crockery of heaven with its magnificent Mughal art. The intricate designs of the flowers and leaves reminds of spring season. The shape of the plate is round with its rims painted sky blue. The white and blue contrast well, and will brighten any room in which the plate is kept in. Blue Pottery, used to produce this handicraft plate, came with the Mongols to India and has, since then, become a celebrated art form.

·         The weight of the plate is 450 grams

·         The dimensions of the plate are 20x20x4 cm

·         The plate can be used to serve snacks, drinks, etc.

·         It is hand-painted and handcrafted using the Blue Pottery technique

The colors may vary in reality as each plate is handcrafted

Disclaimer : The product is handmade thus the actual product that you receive might slightly differ from the product shown here.

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