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Brass Figurine Ganesha on Royal Chair

Dimension: 20.00cm x 8.00cm x 14.00cm
Art Type Crafted in Brass
Material Brass
Pack Content 1 Ganesha idol
Delivery Time 5
Availability:Out Of Stock

Brass is otherwise just a simple metal, it is the crafter which handcrafts it into an exquisite piece of art which can be enjoyed and cherished by everyone who sees it. This gorgeous and, elaborate figurine of Lord Ganesha languishing on a peacock-led vehicle is one-of-a-type. The peacocks are carved with meticulous details in regard to their wings and feathers which curl up and down artfully. Lord Ganesha is associated with abundance, joy and happiness. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati and is a crucial part of the Shiva Parivar (Shiva’s Family). He can be seen sitting in a relaxed position, while leanig on a cylindrical pillow. Ganesha has four hands on which he carries his astras. The handicraft can be seen in the elaborate jewelry, clothes, crown, etc.This piece can be used to decorate your house with or gift it to someone you love.

                                ·         The weight of the 2 kilograms.

                                ·         The dimensions of the figurine are 20cmx8cmx14cm

  •                     The color brown-ish yellow

Disclaimer : The product is handmade thus the actual product that you receive might slightly differ from the product shown here.

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