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Brass Finish Lakshmi Ganesha Figurine Set With Singhasan

Dimension: 17.00cm x 9.00cm x 14.00cm
Art Type Crafted in Brass
Material Brass
Pack Content set of 2 pcs Ganesh &
Delivery Time 5
Availability:Out Of Stock

Goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesh are worshipped together on the auspicious Diwali pooja because it is believed that worshipping them together will remove obstacles and increase the growth in life. The gorgeous idol is of the great Goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesha. Goddess Lakshmi is associated with fortune, wealth and prosperity. She is the symbol of legance and fierceness. In Buddhism, Jainism, etc. she is an important deity and is associated with different virtues like abundance, etc . Son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh is known for his wisdom, intellect and the joy he sprrads through his antics. This beautiful idol of Ganesh and Lakshmi has been carved out of brass by the carvers of Moaradabad the Brass City of India. In the idols, both of them have been depicted as sitting cross-legged on a gorgeous pedestal, with a calm smile and hands raised in blessings. The idols can be gifted loved ones, used as home décor or worshipped in temples.

                                        ·         The weight is one kilogram

                                        ·         The dimensions are 17 cm x 9 cm x 14 cm

  •                            The color is lustrous golden.

Disclaimer : The product is handmade thus the actual product that you receive might slightly differ from the product shown here.

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