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Brass of Moradabad

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Stonework Brass Ganesha Figurine With Singhasan


Ex Tax: ₹1,485

Handcrafted with love, hard work and skills that have been acquired through generations of experience, this brass idol of Lord Ganesh will bring joy, abundance and contentment to your house. This exquisite piece of art which has great artistic details which are evident in the posture, jewelry, a..

Trunk Up Lacquer Polish Brass Elephant


Ex Tax: ₹727

Deftly created in Brass by the crafters of Moradabad, this elephant is a magnificent handicraft which represents the Indian history. Elephants have been a part of Indian mythology in the form of vehicles of various gods and goddesses, and of Indian history as it were the most important military ..

Vintage Sitting Brass Ganesha Idol


Ex Tax: ₹1,568

Brass Ganesha idol is a pure handmade Sculpture is handcrafted in India. This Sculpture is designed in brass using sand casting technique and has a golden color to it. Place this calm art piece in your living room for an effervescence beauty or gift it to your loved ones before he/she enters a new p..

Walking Horse Brass Showpiece


Ex Tax: ₹891

Standing brass horse showpiece is one of the best items to decorate your office desktop and home. The superior quality of brass used in the product gives it an excellent finish. Symbolic of power and success, the horse is one of the preferred showpieces to signify the forward movement of life.The ex..

Showing 148 to 151 of 151 (8 Pages)