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Brass Elephant With Bell In Neck



Dimension: 17.00cm x 6.00cm x 10.00cm
Art Type Crafted in Brass
Material Brass
Pack Content 1 Elephant miniature
Delivery Time 5
Availability:Out Of Stock

This beautiful elephant figurine has been crafted by the skilful crafters and carvers of Moradabad. It is the major exporter of handicrafts in India and accounts for at least 40% of total handcraft export. The exportation is extended to countries like USA, Britain, etc. The elephant figurine is carved meticulously by the carvers, as can be seen by the carvings of bells, etc. on the back of it. It has coverings on its head and trunk, too. On its neck hangs a small bell. Elephants are majestic creatures which have always been associated with abundance, strength and wisdom. Their strong and large bodies convey that nature is larger than life. This beautiful idol can be gifted to someone as a housewarming gift, or can be used as a home décor item by you.

                                ·         The weight is 200 grams

                                ·         The dimensions are 11cmx3cmx5cm.

  •                     The color is golden.

Disclaimer : The product is handmade thus the actual product that you receive might slightly differ from the product shown here.

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