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Paper Mache Green Utility Box


Ex Tax: ₹432

This Paper Mache utility box is a unique product to lighten up your dressing table. The box is made by natural paper which is first, boiled into a pulp and then mixed with adhesive and other substance to achieve the desired consistency. Completely handmade by skilled craftsmen, this utility box can ..


Paper Mache Red Utility Box



Ex Tax: ₹540

The vibrant Red color of the paper Mache utility box attracts the eyes of the onlooker. The box is made with the paper Mache technique and crafted completely by hand. This box can be used to store a variety of materials of your everyday use. You can keep all your jewelry, ear rings, chains and studs..

Paper Mache Yellow Utility Box


Ex Tax: ₹450

This extremely adorable utility box is perfect to be kept on your dressing table and can be used to store a variety of articles of your daily use. It can be used to keep your jewelry, rings, chains and ear rings. The box is illuminated with beautifully decorated floral patterns. The color combinatio..

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)