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Wooden carved Ganesha Statue With Royal Singhasan



Ex Tax: ₹4,350

The Wood Carved Ganesh Statue is crafted with extreme care and accuracy by professional craftsmen.Gashesh is the most widely worshiped deity of the Hindus and is said to bring prosperity and stability in a person’s life. The carving covers the entire surface which makes is very attractive. The innov..

Wooden Carved Lakshmi Ganesh and Saraswati Statue


Ex Tax: ₹26,400

This set of Wood carved Statues of Ganesh Lakshmi and Saraswati represent the most popular deities of the Hindu mythology. All the three statues are hand carved by expert craftsmen and made of 100% wood. Keeping this in the house will certainly add serenity to the atmosphere. The wood carving covers..


Wooden Carved Large Buddha Head



Ex Tax: ₹1,044

The Large Wood Carved Buddha Head is an excellent specimen of traditional wood carving technique by expert professionals. In this iconographic depiction of Buddhism, the Buddha Head is shown to have short curly hair which represents his abstinence from earthly pleasures. The long lobed ear and flowi..


Wooden Carved Small Buddha Head



Ex Tax: ₹350

This wood carved Buddha head is an exquisite artwork made by professional craftsmen. 100% hand made from pure wood, the wooden Buddha head is an iconography depiction of Buddhism. Buddha head is often presented with short and curly hair signifying the renunciation of princely vows by Siddhartha Gaut..


Wooden Ganesha Idol On Lotus



Ex Tax: ₹1,479

This Wooden Ganesha Idol on Lotus is an extremely well made item by expert craftsmen. The idol completely handmade from wood using the ancient carving technique. The entire body is carved and decorated beautifully. The placing of the idol on the lotus gives its design a unique structure and design.Y..


Wooden Hand Carved Painted Ganapati Idol



Ex Tax: ₹435

The wooden Ganpati Idol is completely hand carved from natural wood. The canopy on top gives it a unique look. The use of vibrant and colorful painting technique adds to its final grandeur. Owing to its modern look and mythological belief, the idol can be kept both at work place and at house.The pro..


Yellow Color Marble Carved Ganesha On Plate



Ex Tax: ₹651

Ganesha’s with Plate picture painted on it .Ganesha is the most widely worshiped deity of the Hindus and is said to bring prosperity and stability in a person’s life. These items have antique elegant design that gives addition to you Home décor or can be use for the decoration On the Occasion of Diw..

Showing 169 to 175 of 175 (9 Pages)