Elephant Carved Small Gorara Stone Aroma Diffuser

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Dimension: 7.00cm x 8.00cm x 10.00cm
Art Type Crafted in Gorara stone
Material Gorara Stone
Pack Content 1 Gorara Aroma Diffuser small
Delivery Time 5

Elephant Carved Small Gorara Stone Aroma Diffuser

Gorara Stone Aroma Diffuser gently warms your aromatherapy oils enhancing the atmosphere of the room. It is the clean, safe and effective way of vaporising oils without a flame.

Diffusion is the process of dispersing essential oils into the air so that their beneficial effects can be enjoyed by simply breathing. In addition, the fragrance of the essential oil can help create a more favorable atmosphere.

This Aroma Diffuser is made of Indian soap stone named Gorara stone, mined mostly in Rajasthan. The stone is carefully carved by expert hands so that the natural form and colour is not lost. The exquisite carving also makes the diffuse very elegant and therefore can be placed anywhere, even to increase the beauty of the place.

Disclaimer : The product is handmade thus the actual product that you receive might slightly differ from the product shown here.

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