Brass Arjun Rath With Krishna

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Dimension: 22.00cm x 7.00cm x 24.00cm
Art Type Crafted in Brass
Material Brass
Pack Content 1 Arjuna Rath miniature
Delivery Time 5

Brass Arjun Rath With Krishna

Arjun rath is a excellent gold polished showpiece is made completely with high quality brass. The fine craftsmanship and the detailed designs all over the showpiece is the result of the expertise of the artisans who use traditional methods of crafting the products. The showpiece depicts the mythological characters of Arjuna and Krishna. The Mahabharata, one of the most important books of the Hindu’s mentions a scene where Krishna is said to be the charioteer of Arjuna in the battlefield.

This Showpiece is an excellent ethnic handicraft to adorn your living space. It can also be a great gift for people with religious bent of mind.

Disclaimer : The product is handmade thus the actual product that you receive might slightly differ from the product shown here.

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